Özden & Güçlü Legal, which was founded by Önder Özden and M. Fatih in 2014, is a boutique law firm specialized in Intellectual Property Law. Its founders, besides the trial and legal consulting services in the field of Intellectual Property Law of which they have been providing since 1999 in collaboration with their solution partners, also offer Start-IP trainings, mentoring and consultancy services to technology Start-Ups which are one of the trivets of this culture through angel investment networks in view of the Innovation culture which has also been developing in our country for the last decade. On the other hand, Özden & Güçlü has been contributing to the academic improvement of the ecosystem of intellectual rights in Turkey and to the harmonization of national legislations at the international level through Technology and Licensing Executives Association (LES Turkey Group) and International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (AIPPI Turkey) and they carry on their extensive works for the strategic management and commercialization of intellectual property rights within corporates to transform such properties into values. In today’s world where cyber-physical systems and dynamic data processing are end-to-end connected with value chains and the nine technological components (smart robots, big data, Internet of Things, 3D printing, cloud computing etc.) are included in the activity fields of companies, Özden & Güçlü Legal provides consultancy services to self-emerging companies with local and foreign capital in Turkey about Strategic Management and Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights in collaboration with specialized technical solution providers.

Özden & Güçlü Legal provides the foregoing services under the context of preventive legal service which is the core of the fundamental philosophy of law, by taking into account the socio-political impacts of the rules of law on the society. Özden & Güçlü Legal believes in the importance of eliminating conflicts before they arise by methodologic-strategic thinking and approaches and to that effect, it creates innovative and original solutions for its clients to provide them a more productive and efficient future in terms of commerce and legitimacy while creating added values from their existing but overlooked intangible assets.


Özden & Güçlü Legal is particularly specialized in Intellectual Property Law.

Özden & Güçlü Legal provides litigation, arbitration and consultancy services to many local and foreign individuals and entities in the field of intellectual property law with respect to works, trademarks, patents and design rights. It provides Internet arbitration (UDRP) services as regards Internet domain names within the framework of the policies and procedures of dispute resolution of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


Özden & Güçlü Legal provides innovative litigation services in the field of intellectual property law for trademark, design and patent suits in collaboration with its technical solution providers, by creating a common terminology that can easily be understood and embraced by its clients along with simplicity in explaining technical issues.

Özden & Güçlü Legal provides “Strategic Intellectual Rights Management” service by establishing and implementing a strategy with respect to intellectual rights in order to protect intellectual rights of the companies, increase their strengths aligned to their visual identities and encourage them to adopt innovative solutions. In this respect, Özden & Güçlü Legal strives to adapt and implement a ‘strategic intellectual rights management culture’ giving priority to raise awareness and embrace intellectual rights as commercial assets that generate profit and value to the companies and to commercialize them as an integral part of the commercial strategies in collaboration with all the stakeholders taking role in the creation, adaptation and management of intellectual rights.

Özden & Güçlü Legal transfers its know-how and experience in the field of intellectual property law, particularly to technology based corporates active in the Start-Up ecosystem that has been emerging for the last decade and to angel investors and Venture Capitals that are eager to invest in such corporates, it mentors them and contributes to the blossoming and development of the conscience of intellectual property rights in this field too.

The founding partners of Özden & Güçlü Legal has published many books, articles and legal opinions. The article “Marka Hakkının Tüketilmesi” (The Exhaustion of the Trademark Right) written for the Bulletin of TÜSİAD, the legal opinion “İlaç Patenti/Veri Koruması ve Veri Koruması Süresi” (Drug Patent/Data Protection and Data Protection Time) written for the Research and Development Branch of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the book titled “Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunu ve Fikir Haklarının Korunması İle İlgili Temel Bilgiler” (The Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works and Basics of the Protection of Intellectual Rights), the articles “Fikri Haklar” (Intellectual Rights) and “Geleneksel Bilginin Korunmasına Yönelik Çalışmalar” (Works for the Protection of Traditional Knowledge) for the review “Hukuk ve Adalet”, and the article “Fikri ve Sınai Mülkiyet Hukukunda Bilirkişilik Müessesesi, Yaşanılan Sorunlar ve Çözüm Önerileri” (Expertise in Intellectual and Artistic Property Law, Challenges and Solution Proposals) written for the review Güncel Hukuk Dergisi are some of these publications.