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We always evaluate applications for lawyer and administrative positions. We particularly prioritize the applications of colleagues and candidate lawyers who want to work and improve themselves in Intellectual Property Law which is the field of specialization of Özden & Güçlü Legal.

Özden & Güçlü Legal aims to employ individuals open to professional and personal development. We also care to create a working environment that supports the development of our staff at every stage. To that effect, we give priority to work with people who never hesitate to express different opinions, who are highly self-confident, have a vision and can measure the meaning in their works not only by their contribution to themselves or to individuals or to the companies but also to the society as a whole. One of the prior targets of Özden & Güçlü Legal is to contribute to professional and personal training of its colleagues who have the same vision.

Working in Özden & Güçlü Legal helps its colleagues to use their skills in legal transactions in different scales and levels and in dispute settlement processes. Our strong and efficient relations with our clients who trust us in the solution of complex and important issues accelerate the professional development of our colleagues. We also encourage our colleagues to participate to professional and social events as well as to professional organizations, associations and conferences in addition to academic studies to support their professional development.

We want you to know that we value our colleagues and assign lawyers who are perfect team players, careful and detail oriented, who have excellent verbal and written communication skills in Turkish, English and/or German and who are always open to learn new concepts/ideas/inventions. We will absolutely consider and evaluate colleagues having these qualifications if they upload their CVs even though we don’t currently have a vacant position in our legal firm.

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What makes us different?

Özden & Güçlü Legal’s founding partners Önder Özden and M. Fatih Güçlü have an innovative, contemporary and transformative understanding of service which allows them to continuously question the life, universe, law and human being from psychological and sociological perspectives and consequently, observe the reasons of the hostility present in human nature, which makes this understanding of service more observational, open to change, adaptive and based on a culture of respect.